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Stray threads and fibres of articles and thoughts that form the tapestry of this blog and its author

Swartkop Air Extravaganza–May 2011

From Canvas to Jets…This was the theme of the air show organised by and in aid of the South African Air Force (SAAF) Museum on Saturday 21st May 2011. Initially Mrs Chips and I weren’t going to go. I mean, … Continue reading

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My Christmas wish for you…

It is worth noting that there are many people who take thinkers like Dawkins, Euclid, Einstein etc; or even the utterances of the National Enquirer, YOU and Hello magazines (amongst others) to be irrefutable fact, but will steadfastly refuse to … Continue reading

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Diwali, Guy Fawkes, Fireworks…. Yaay…. or not.

It’s amusing to watch what sort of people become hysterical over the effect that the fireworks have on animals during celebrations such as Diwali, Guy Fawkes, Chinese New Year and many others. I’m not talking about those sick, small minded … Continue reading

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Test using Windows Live Writer

Testing 1…2…17.5 This is coming to you by means of an amplified vuvuzela folks. Pay not attention. Normal service will resume shortly.

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If You Removed The Words…

I’m generalising of course, but I wonder… If we removed the words, ‘Oh’, ‘my’, ‘like’, ‘totally’, ‘not my fault’ from the English language – would the people under 30 be called the silent generation? Oops – I forgot, ‘gimme’, ‘me’ and ‘I … Continue reading

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[Singing] On the road again

A note to my loyal reader. The next update to the website will be on Monday 31 May 2010.  If I can do so earlier – so much the better.

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Thank you Vodacom – you should supply carrier pigeons to increase bandwidth

You humble writer lives in South Africa. Due to rampant cable theft, the country’s prime telecommunications provider Telkom has advised they are no longer prepared to supply telecomunications to the suburb in which I live – yup, a flat out … Continue reading

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