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Stray threads and fibres of articles and thoughts that form the tapestry of this blog and its author

So what I’ve been during November 2016?

In a rare departure from normal services, in which this your Humble Writer pontificates on the questionable merits of reinterpretations of the Old Masters, waxes lyrical on our travels or peregrinations in general, shares epicurean delights in the form of … Continue reading

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The Old Masters – re-interpreted 63

Not much to say in the dark hours of this Wednesday morning. I imagine the hearts are heavy with the untimely passing of a great talent into eternity.  

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A special remembrance day today

Today, dear reader we take a break from our Old Masters to remember a small group of people….. Many people in the civilised world wear the poppy as a token of respectful and grateful acknowledgement to soldiers and to honour … Continue reading

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Tribute to a hero of the African Soil

Today I want to acknowledge an elderly hero who has passed on. A true son of the African soil has gone to meet his Maker; a man who, quietly, thanklessly and tirelessly toiled for many decades under the African sun … Continue reading

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South Africa – Thirst and Hunger – Is it too late?

Five hundred and seventy three billion Rands….. That is… R573 000 000 000 000.00 if you want to look at it in numbers. That is officially how much the government is going to be taking from the South African tax … Continue reading

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As we slip into another year…

Right…. It’s that time of the year. Although I wish this for you all every day of the year, it is customary to articulate it now… Unconditionally and without exception; To each and all of my family, friends, enemies and … Continue reading

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Business Services Absolutely Free!!…. or not.

When to do the freebies and when to say ‘No.’ The following represents a few thoughts in response to the problems currently being experienced by a few fiends who are photographers. Photography regrettably doesn’t enjoy any exclusivity when it comes … Continue reading

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