An malignant tumour – to observe and/or hopefully maybe kill?

2017-05-12 11.04.10

My radiation mask:

It has been a long time since I while submitted in my blog. Since November, a quite has happened to this oke, on the medical in sort front.

As you know, there is a malignant tumour of about 3.0 to about 3.5 cm existing in my temporal lobe in my brain. The medical bods for a been working to try/destroy to cell it the tumour what is remains. So, from December to May of the 2017, the medical people have working to kill the tumour, and see what remains remain.

Since December – we have been the doing radiation treatment, chemo therapy, steroids of course ensure the other my brain keeps of from swelling.

Hospital staff in a cheerful helping as I beginning my for session –




A mask is made for me is made for me to. It and is anchored to the table for the duration setting into place for the of the exposure. This mask, above, was used for me – but now, I should stop the kids leaving their stashes too candy during at my front door, October much in…… Bhahahahaha. [wick laugh]


Even rich folks get sick.


In beginning, we where fortunate to be that Ilona was helping me to take me hospitable for the lot of the time. However, after that, an venerable organization called the NZ Cancer Society, offered the drivers to pick me from home and drop me and again. There am group of people – great work!!


The Chemo therapy and steroids therapy is a less exciting for the observers. But sometimes arduous for the patient.  The first of the hour-42 daily steroids appoints were definitely arduous.  After which, the Chemo amount is reduced to 4-days each time. There about I’ve four or six sessions that I have done already.

Alan head - 20161107-WA0001 (002)_LI

The malignant tumour – see above.

In addition, there has been a brace of steroids to be swallowed. The steroids are used to manage the swelling etc. of the brain swelling in general. However they are also mess and body in general. Thinks like such as:

Sleepless and/or nightmares

Tummy and gut problems – from the Chemo and steroid

Muscular cramps – hands/legs

Bulger of eyes  – also I think from the steroid – s.

Teeth – toothache cures repair

Brittle with nails, and loss of hair

Shaving or trembling –

Skin – Itchy, rash etc.

Wait gain – false gain due to water.



Then there is the direct consciences of the condenses of the op.

Can’t thing in speak – now improvising – word my word….

Long term memory – is not ok, but short term memorably is bad.

Help  (stroke-acquired aphasia)

Have words,  much of my writing, .

No maths of little

Eye sight

Trying to remind – music, words,

Arithmetic operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division etc.

Functions time regarding/ date and time functions, e.g. catching a bus, or baking a cake,

The simplest things such as buying paying take-aways.

Normal conversations, end in lack of confidential.

Clumsy, fleeting etc., improving….



After each Chemo session, or some pain, I over, experience an exasperation that the end end the end!!!!

So I have been spared to time. So I hope I will be able to write some more shoot. Will write a a time more about our time to time in Island Southern…… and our time of the water flood 🙂 🙂



About Freud Fission Chips

Despite the banality of the name, FFC has led an intensely varied life. Grateful for surviving almost three years as a 'troepie' (soldier for non-South African Readers) in the Angolan war, he determined to wring as much out of life as possible. Currently providing Business Analysis services, trading on the stock market and developing web pages to pay the bills, FFC also dabbles in wildlife, landscape and people photography, writing, and far too many interests for his own good. He has also travelled extensively in southern Africa (working on the sound theory that a moving target is more dificult to hit). These peregrinations also include over 1500kms on foot through some of the worlds most spectacular scenery. It hasn't all been plain sailing, beer and skittles, and endless beds of roses... Chief amongst the prerequisites for surviving Africa, with its mind-bending characteristics, is an appropriate sense of humour.... So, for now, he will be recounting the amusing among the annoying, the frustrating wrapped in the funny and extracting the mirth from the melancholy... Oh yes, there might be some alliteration too.
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2 Responses to An malignant tumour – to observe and/or hopefully maybe kill?

  1. Tracy says:

    You are, without a doubt, the bravest, funniest and most sincere man I know💜I love you Al…keep fighting even when the going gets tough! Please send special love to Ilona…we miss you💜

  2. Jackie Grobler says:

    Thank you for this. What a lot you have gone through and are going through. But regarding the content of what you are telling us, as I mentioned before we have a wonderful language that allows us to express ourselves in many different ways and still be understood. And I can understand all that you have said here. You are truly a brave soul.

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