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As poets go – Ogdon Nash should give you good consumption

Yeats and Keats and cummings are okay you know. But there’s something warmly pithy about…. “The cow is of the bovine ilk, one end moo the other milk.” Just thought a Tuesday evening was as good a time as any … Continue reading

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Best Pizza – Col ‘Cacchio! Ti amo!

FIFA, football and vuvudecibels are all very well – until your favourite team loses. That’s when you’ll probably want a little comfort morsel or two to take your mind off your misery. Alternatively, your team might have won and there … Continue reading

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Final episode of Knee’d To Know – you’ll be relieved to know.

Saturday morning, bright and early, and achy – we arrived at the hospital. Paperwork was completed in record time and we made our way to the surgical ward. I was shown to a 4-bed ward which was to be my … Continue reading

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An accident – on a knee’d to know basis Chapter I

It’s a quarter past two on a Tuesday morning and you’re probably asking yourself why on earth I would be typing a blog entry at this time. It’s a fair question, and your curiosity will soon be sated. My right … Continue reading

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As excuses go – this one takes some beating.

I wish to apologise to the loyal reader – wherever you may be, for my prolonged absence. Here follows one of my better excuses… After experiencing computer problems, the PWK (People What Know), advised that I needed to dispense with … Continue reading

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World Cup – a time to shine?

The ceremony has just begun. Less than a minute ago. South Africa – this is your opportunity to show the world that you can be taken seriously. Please don’t let us down. Ten minutes into the ceremony – the stadium … Continue reading

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If You Removed The Words…

I’m generalising of course, but I wonder… If we removed the words, ‘Oh’, ‘my’, ‘like’, ‘totally’, ‘not my fault’ from the English language – would the people under 30 be called the silent generation? Oops – I forgot, ‘gimme’, ‘me’ and ‘I … Continue reading

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